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February 9, 2008 by ThinkAloud
In this election season, the words: Rich, Tax-Cutting, IRS-Extermination and Money-Stealing -From-The-Rich -Democrats are so prevalent in the speeches of the Rep. candidates that I thought about what these words do really mean.

The first word, RICH, is defined by the Dictionary as: possession of wealth. Its Second meaning is Valuable. The first definition does not exclude the second, since it did not define wealth exclusively as "money" or "material things".

So, in reality being Rich is ...
January 3, 2008 by ThinkAloud
My niece who is an Assistant Professor of Political Studies has been working, since June 2007, on a paper for publication on "Deceit as a Tool in US Foreign Policy" . Last week she asked me to review her draft before she submits it for publication. I did and pointed out few points to her. One of these points was this: "not telling the whole truth to a foreign leader is not a deceit" especially if that leader does not support the US Government's policies regardless of whether those policies are r...
December 23, 2007 by ThinkAloud
I believe that most people in this great USA of ours are reasonable and deal with life in a more or less moderate way. Each of us sure have their unreasonable moments every once in a while, but in general most of us don’t get fixated on one or few particular issues and keep complaining about and/or discussing them endlessly without any specific objective in mind.

The extremities of our political life, however, are populated by people who have their fixation on certain issues. No matter what h...
December 19, 2007 by ThinkAloud
In a series of comments between Draginol and I on his thread of the analogy between a Neighborhood Association and a Nation, Draginol said the following:

I believe people should help their fellow citizens in time of need. I do not, however, believe that people should be forced to help their fellow citizens at the point of a gun.

And he also said this:

The family who has more children than they can afford demanding that I pay for the health insurance for their children is an infring...
November 19, 2007 by ThinkAloud
In a recent article LW, one of JU thoughtful Bloggers, got so frustrated with the state of affairs in our nation, the USA, to the point of calling for a Revolution to change things to the better and get us out of this miserable state in which we find ourselves neck-deep.

I reached that same point of frustration looooong time ago..... About 40 years ago to be exact. I wanted to do the same thing. A Revolution. With that I SHALL change everything. Everything. Here and in the world. Seriously. ...
October 8, 2007 by ThinkAloud
It is necessary to define the term "Bums" in what follows in order to know what I am talking about.

"Bums" are the people who are Intentionally make themselves a burden on our society. Examples are professional homeless people, druggies who spend all their earnings on drugs or alcohols, cheaters, people who cant keep a job because of laziness or misbehavior at work, single-unemployed-baby-producing men and women, .... and the likes. You get the picture.

These people are causing inappropria...
September 28, 2007 by ThinkAloud
By speaking at Columbia University and at the United Nation, the president of Iran (M. Ahmadinejad) garnered a surprisingly large and diverse amount of epithets which was heaped on him generously. Some of it was by Columbia's president Lee Bollinger. What Bollinger contributed was described by some as "eloquent". Some of what was said about Ahmadinejad and Iran's government had been said about many other countries, world figures, organizations and groups who all share one common denominator i.e...
August 28, 2007 by ThinkAloud
When you get a steel bar and start to put loads on it, it gets stressed. When you remove the load, it regains its former shape as if nothing happened to it. For each metal, or any thing for that matter, there is a load that will stress the system beyond a limit at which the system will not regain its former shape and it suffers a permanent deformation. This point is called the Yield Point and the stress causing it is called the Yield Stress.

Beyond the yield point, the system will never be t...
August 17, 2007 by ThinkAloud
I have been watching from the sidelines for a few weeks now. So many things are happening I can’t help but wonder what is going on. So much nonsense going on I can’t help but wonder where these people are living. In the same universe as the rest of the country?

The more I watch and wonder and go back in time I can’t help but notice a very sad phenomenon. Since early 1980's till now the country, our USA, have suffered several major setbacks and calamities. The list includes: Challenger's disa...
July 19, 2007 by ThinkAloud
Recently an amazing theme started to appear in more than few of JU's postings. That is: God speaking with the authors of those postings, or so they claim. It seems that it is very fashionable nowadays to claim that what you say was according to what God told you during a "personal" speaking session with Him.

I honestly dont know what that means. In all God's messages to humanity, through His Messengers and Prophets, He said He chose those few people to convey His message to Humanity in gene...
June 24, 2007 by ThinkAloud
Few days ago the British Government honored Salman Rushdie, the West-Celebrated Islam-Bashing Indian writer by making him a Knight.

Now, if Rushdie was a great novelist or even close to that one would understand honoring him with such a venerated title. But given that his only achievement was that he wrote a novel in which he insulted Islam and its prophet in such a way that even the most anti-Islamists would not think of, it is only logical to ask: why was this writer honored in that way?
June 3, 2007 by ThinkAloud
All of a sudden, Bush supporters woke up and discovered that he is an idiot who is leading the country down a disastrous path. And what woke them up? the Immigration Bill !!!!!

It is as if during the past 6 years, nothing.... absolutely nothing that this fool did matters to his supporters.... except the Immigration Bill. And what is so disastrous about this Bill? Let me count the ways according to those former supporters of GWB:

1- It gives temporary Visas and work permits to people curren...
May 22, 2007 by ThinkAloud
There is nothing more dishonest than being morally inconsistent. if someone is immoral in a consistent way at least you can argue with them based on what their values are and try to show them that they are on the wrong side of the issue. However, when they are morally inconsistent you know that they know what the right side of the issue is since they go there whenever they choose. Unfortunately, it seems that they choose the right side ONLY when it suits their agenda or whatever their objective...
May 2, 2007 by ThinkAloud
According to the wise thinking conservatives, Government's essential and ONLY duties are: Defense, Security, Highways, Dams, Canals and Diplomacy. That is it. Let me add "disaster relief" to this short list. Many of them will complain about that. But I will add it anyway.

No more SS, Medicare, Medicaid, EPA, OSHA, Energy, Education, Health, Housing, Labor and all that non-sense Programs, Agencies or Departments.

Currently the government (Federal and Local) costs us more than $4.2 Trillion ...
April 23, 2007 by ThinkAloud
I know that stupidity has no limit. One of my colleagues where i worked years ago had a sign on his desk that read " Stupidity is an Achievement .... Sometimes". i find it to be very true in cases where the people involved are normal educated humans and still do strangely stupid things. They can't just be simply stupid. they must have worked at it hard to reach that level.

With all that in mind, i still can't believe that Bush and his minions are even capable of that level of stupidity.