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Where are the Tax-Hating Money-Hoarders?
Published on February 9, 2008 By ThinkAloud In US Domestic
In this election season, the words: Rich, Tax-Cutting, IRS-Extermination and Money-Stealing -From-The-Rich -Democrats are so prevalent in the speeches of the Rep. candidates that I thought about what these words do really mean.

The first word, RICH, is defined by the Dictionary as: possession of wealth. Its Second meaning is Valuable. The first definition does not exclude the second, since it did not define wealth exclusively as "money" or "material things".

So, in reality being Rich is more than possessing large amount of money or material things. Being Rich is a state of mind. Millions of people around the world possess huge sums of money and still they act and behave as penniless as a beggar. Being Rich is very similar to being happy. It has nothing to do with how much money you have or how great you are.

Accordingly, for the sake of clarity I will use "Moneyhoarders" to refer to people who care so much about how much money they have to the point that nothing else matters even their own self-interest. All they care about is making money, and keeping every penny of it, regardless of the consequences to their own interests or the interests of the society in general.

Moneyhoarders justify their position by saying that They, and They alone with no help or contribution from society or anyone else created that money and the society has no right whatsoever to tax them and take their money except for things they like such as National Security, Foreign Affairs and Police. Even roads and bridges some say it is better left to private businesses to build as needed. They say why they should pay for things that are not used by them but benefit others and the society in general like health care, education, SS, schools… etc. They pay for their own health care needs, education, retirement ...etc. so why do they have to pay for these things?

When you tell them it is for your own self-interest because without providing these services to the rest of the population you are not going to be able to make the money that you love so much. These services make it possible for you to enjoy your hobby as a moneyhoarder. They go nuts when you say that.... They firmly believe that they can make that money anywhere without these services and without that money-stealing-from-the rich government.

Of course, if you keep arguing and providing all the logical reasons in the world they ask for a proof of that. And when you do, they reject it as MSM nonsense ...... that is the way their brain works.... they claim that no one else except them understands the art of "money making" and they and they alone KNOW economics, and all their efforts to educate the brain-challenged morons are fruitless because of the denseness of those bleeding-hearts-emotional-Democrats.

Unfortunately for those smart moneyhoarders, life always presents surprises to their disliking.

Katrina's aftermath provides the perfect proof.

The cities in the area, especially New Orleans, were thriving and full of life and businesses making money hand over fest. Their poor neighborhoods were, as expected, populated with people who represent the source of all that debate about taxes and money-stealing-government programs ....etc. The rest of each city were populated by the middle class and the moneyhoarder class.

Katrina wiped almost everything except the moneyhoarders' neighborhoods because they were the ones best protected and first restored (by their owners …. The moneyhoarders).

Since their homes and their neighborhoods are essentially now restored, and if their theory of the "art-of-money-making" is valid, you would expect those business owners to thrive as before and have their money-making-machine going full speed as before.



What happened to their talent of money making "By themselves with no help from the society".

The answer is clear.... that is for whoever have eyes to see or brains to think.

The society that helped them to make that money was destroyed..... Their money-making-machine can't function without it.

The very very poor who had nothing before are still there.... and they still have nothing..... They didn’t lose anything..... To paraphrase Barbra Bush, they are better now than they were before.... (What she actually said was that those people who were trapped in the shelters for days ... "are better off than where they were living anyway" )

But the middle class left. They can’t restore their homes and the moneyhoardes are there but they can’t restore their moneyhoarding operation. WHY IS THAT? WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR?

They are waiting for the Government to restore the society that was destroyed..... by the taxes it collects..... Once that is done.... the moneyhoarding machine can and will operate as energetically as before. and they will still continue complaining about the taxes they pay. They will soon forget. They always do..... They have one-track-mind.... Make-money-pay-no-taxes-Repeat

For two and half years now, the moneyhoarders failed to get their operation going ....... waiting for the government to rebuild the society that Katrina destroyed..... That should be proof enough that moneyhoarders can’t make their money without the resources and the manpower provided by the society..... If they can do it all by themselves.... they still have time to prove their claim.

Why aren’t they rebuilding the middle class homes and providing mortgages to the original owners who represent their customer base? Why aren’t they rebuilding the schools, the fire houses, the hospitals, the roads, the malls … etc?

Because they can’t….and I believe that two and half years are enough time to prove that they can't do it without the society.

on Feb 09, 2008

Your article here is so full of holes it's almost laughable.

First of all, you assume that it's only "the rich" who resent having to pay taxes towards government programs they don't support.  The "peace" crowd are probably the best example of why you're wrong here.  They are willing to enjoy the benefits of a standing military, but are always complaining that they shouldn't have to pay into it through forced taxation.

You also assume that "the rich" believe money is made in vacuum.   Every person who makes their living by the production and movement of goods and services knows different.  The difference between your assumption and the truth is, those who are "rich" because they sell goods and services to people don't consider the money they make as a "handout" just given to them.  They see it as the result of their ability to get the goods and services produced and convince people to exchange their money for them.

Getting to your "hurricane Katrina" point.   You assume that the New Orleans area had a thriving infrastructure before the hurricane and floods hit the area.  That's a completely false assumption.  New Orleans thrived on corruption and an infrastructure that existed mostly on paper.

Remember the reports that about half of the New Orleans Police force went AWOL?  Remember the reports that came later exposing the truth?  The cops didn't go AWOL, that story was released to cover the fact that half the police force were simply names on the New Orleans Police Department's payroll.  The position were invented to bring more revenue into the department, which ended up in the pockets of the powers that be.

Remember the reports of the flood walls and levies being left in disrepair?  The Army Corps of Engineers took a huge hit on that one.  The fact is, Congress had apporpriated the money to maintain those flood walls, and Louisiana and New Orleans recieved the money appropriated.   The projects the money was paid to get done never went any further than the state and the city.

The New Orleans area received $4.8 billion from private donations after Hurricane Katrina.  The city's operating budget for 2008 is $459 million.  It is obvious that money has nothing to do with the problems that a post Katrina New Orleans faces. 

If you want to point to "money hoarders" and use Katrina as an example... point to the local government, not to "the rich".


NOLA Budget 2008: http://www.cityofno.com/Resources/2008mayorsbudget.pdf

Donations for Hurricane Katrina: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/content.view/cpid/486.htm
on Feb 09, 2008
Given that the top 10% of income earners pay over 50% of all taxes and given that this is the most generous nation on earth when it comes to charity ($4.8 billion in private donations for Katrina alone), I'm having a hard time understanding who's hoarding what.
on Feb 09, 2008

My family gave thousands to the Red Cross and other charities and my familiy also volunteered to help repair houses down there (Actually took time off to go down and help repair people's houses).

What did you do, Thinkaloud?

Here you are on a site that I provide for free for you and you shit on me? The words "fucking moron" are often tossed lightly these days and yet, once in a great while, they really do apply. You try to paint me out as some sort of evil, greedy, selfish SOB even as you use a site that I pay for and share with you for free. Are you really this stupid or is it an act?